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 Site 25LC12

During the period May 18 - 29, 2009, Highway Archeologists Amy Koch and John Ludwickson supervised the excavation of twenty tests at site 25LC12. Professor Luann Wandsnider's University of Nebraska archeological field school students conducted the excavations as part of their training. The site will be damaged when Interstate 80 is widened to six lanes just north of Lincoln. Testing was to determine the need for additional research. The results of the testing were disappointing, revealing that the site contains a very low density and variety of archeological materials: pottery crumbs, flaking debris, and cracked cobbles.

Photographs of the archeological testing of Site 25LC12 in Lancaster County, Nebraska. (images are clickable)

Instructing the crew

UNL student Bill using total station

UNL student Justin with prism

25LC12 test units

UNL student Curtis digging test unit

UNL students Jay and John digging test unit


UNL students Nic and Brittany screening dirt

UNL students Tiffany and Nate screening dirt

Fieldschool student Linda recording data

UNL fieldschool crew




Current Research

Central Plains Tradition


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