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Nebraska Scouts Build Canoes  

Windom A. Rosene, a leader of Troop 4, Lincoln, drew plans and wrote an article about how to build a canoe, which were published in the April 1952 issue of Boy's Life, the official magazine of the Boy Scouts of America. The Cornhusker Council distributed the plans and Rosene supervised construction of numerous canoes, including this one. The photographs show Rosene and boys working on canoes, probably in his basement. He also helped scouts make canoe paddles.
Source: 10139-3, courtesy of Richard Spencer, Lincoln; RG1688-5-10; RG1688-6-11; 11055-2953, Boy's Life; Rosene photograph and paddle loaned by Richard Spencer, Lincoln.

Photographs showing Rosene canoes being used by Troop 4 members on the Platte River and during a trip to Minnesota and Canada in the early 1950s.
Source: Loaned by Richard Spencer, Lincoln

Troop 4 canoeing on the Platte River in Rosene-built canoes.

Rest or lunch stop
on the Platte River. Paddle and life jacket (lower left) made in Rosene's basement.

The group from Troop 4 that took an extended canoe trip into Canada in August 1953. Back row (left to right), G. B. Hutchins, Keith Johnson, Ron Hutchins; front row (left to right), Morey Schock, Jere Mitchell, Richard Spencer, Wayne Johnson. G. B. Hutchins was the adult who accompanied the scouts.

"I was 15 at the time and the youngest of the group ­ I remember that I was the youngest to ever go on the extended trip. There was some discussion if I should go. I had canoed several times on the Platte so in the end I was included."  -Richard Spencer, 2009

"Thirsty? Just dip your paddle in the lake and drink the water as it ran down the paddle. We all used this method. The lake water was clean enough to drink in the 1950s. Pictured is Jere Mitchell."   -Richard Spencer, 2009

(Left to right): Morey Schock, Jere Mitchell, and Wayne Johnson during a rainy day in camp in Canada.

(Left to right): Richard Spencer, Morey Schock, and Jere Mitchell ready to embark after a portage.

"Keith Johnson (left) and Richard Spencer canoeing in smooth water. Pictured is my Rosene canoe, which was blue. It was a square stern canoe. I planned to put a motor on the canoe, but never did. It was harder to paddle because of the back-draft of the square stern. Very few Rosene canoes were square stern."
  -Richard Spencer, 2009



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