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 The Boy Scouts of America, 1910-2010 
The Founders  

General Robert Baden-Powell (seated) founded the worldwide scouting movement in England in 1907. He used ideas from his military career and concepts developed and promoted by Ernest Thomson Seton (left) and others in the United States. In 1902 Seton, a naturalist and writer, established a boys' organization called the "League of Woodcraft Indians." Daniel C. "Uncle Dan" Beard (right) published outdoor books for boys in the 1880s and 1890s. In 1905 he created a scout-like organization called the "Sons of Daniel Boone." By 1919 all American scouting groups had been absorbed by the Boy Scouts of America. Chicago businessman William D. Boyce (not pictured) led the drive to incorporate the BSA after an English scout helped him find his way during a visit to London in 1909.
Source: Library of Congress [digital I.D. ggbain.06593]

The newly founded Boy Scouts of America published a temporary Official Handbook in 1910 that included material provided by Ernest Thompson Seton and Robert Baden-Powell . Known as the "original edition," it was used until the first edition of the Handbook for Boys came out in 1911. Seton's writings continued to appear in the Handbook until 1916.
Source: Loaned by Russ Votava, Lincoln

This well-worn copy of the first edition of the Boy Scouts of America
Handbook for Boys was published in August 1911. It was used by George A. Gregory, who organized Troop 1 in Crete, Nebraska, in 1911.
Source: NSHS 8731-141, George Albert Gregory, courtesy of Dr. Annadora Foss Gregory, Lincoln

Indiancraft by Ernest Thompson Seton is a 1927 reprint of the 1911 edition of his book originally entitled Two Little Savages: Being the Adventures of Two Boys Who Lived as Indians and What They Learned. Seton, who merged his Woodcraft Indians with the Boy Scouts of America in 1910, was the BSA's first chief scout. In 1915 Seton was forced out of the BSA in a power struggle with Executive Secretary James West, but continued to publish outdoors and woodcraft books and stories until his death in 1946.
Source: 11546-17, Troop 68, RLDS Church, Lincoln, courtesy of Shawn Bachman, Lincoln



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