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"The Doll Show," an exhibit from the collection of the Nebraska
State Historical Society, is a joint project of the Society and the
Lincoln Junior League, in conjunction with the Lincoln Doll Club
and the Great Plains Doll Club.
Gail DeBuse Potter, Curator of
Decorative Arts, Nebraska State Historical Society, and Nancy
Harding, Doll Exhibit Chairperson, Lincoln Junior League,
served as coordinators of the exhibit.

Volunteers contributed many hours of painstaking work cataloging
the Society's doll collection and assisting in exhibit preparation.

Lincoln Junior League volunteers included Pat Bausch,
Dana Gehring, Linda Haase, Betty Mellen, and Sharon Miller.
State Historical Society volunteers Helen Cain, Karyl Newman,
Sean Newman, Billy Munn, Sue Tyrol, Kay Werner, Cathy Cercone,
Sandy Wassenmiller, and Helene Woltemath also gave
much-needed help. A special thanks is due members of the
Lincoln Doll Club and the Great Plains Doll Club; Sue Boswell,
Bonnie Hetrick, Betty Hurd, Karen Miller, Madelyn Palmer, Marilyn
Ruff, Dorothy Schamp, and Page Spence contributed their
valuable expertise as well as their time.

In the tradition of the State Historical Society, staff members
have volunteered their own unique talents.

Funds to re-catalog the Society's doll collection, to mount the
exhibit, and to compile this catalog were made available through
a grant from the Lincoln Junior League to the Nebraska State
Historical Society Foundation.
Finally, thanks are due the many
donors who gave dolls from their families and private collections
to the State Historical Society. Their generosity has made this
exhibit possible.






Original Doll Show catalog specifications:

Typeset in Souvenir by Petersen Typographers Lincoln, Nebraska
Printed on Warren's Lustro Offset Enamel. Dull Cream
Photographic reproduction in 200-line Duotone
Jacob North Printing Company, Inc., Lincoln, Nebraska
Catalog design by Steve Ryan
Photographs by R. Bruhn

The Doll Show
[was] an exhibit by the
Nebraska State Historical Society
with the support of the
Junior League of Lincoln.

This catalog was originally published by the
Nebraska State Historical Society in 1982.


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