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Carved wood pitcher with semi-round wooden handle.

Letter opener
Knife shaped letter opener with a heavy copper handle. The handle has cast letters III set above one another.

Desk set
Desk set featuring an upright sailboat model with a turned wooden knob inset in base. Inscription in white ink says: "Le Val André."

  Pitcher 7144-139
Pewter water pitcher with attached lid. The outside of the pitcher is decorated with an intertwined rose motif at the top neck and a leaf motif around the center. There is a wreath motif with a bow in the front lower section. In the front is a shield or coat of arms design and a large crown. Inside the pitcher there is a card that says:
"Pour nos bons amis inconnus d'Amérique
1 Pot en étain et un livre ancien dans nos
familles depuis plus de 200 ans.
Harmonies de Lamartine 1ere Edition
Mr et Mme MEYER. PAUPHILET St Georges s/Cher
Loir et Cher"
There is another card in the pitcher with an English translation.
For our unknown good friends of America
1 pewter pot and an old book in our
families for more than 200 years.
Harmonies of Lamartine, 1st edition
Mr. And Mrs Meyer-Pauphilet
St. Georges s/Cher
Loir et Cher

Silver cup. The name "Christofie" is stamped in its box.

Basket made from woven strips of copper alloy with a wooden base containing a variety of artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers
7144-118, 119
Artificial roses made of small seashells mounted on paper wrapped wire stems. There are artificial yellow stamens on the interior of the roses.

Artificial flowers
Artificial roses made of small seashells mounted on paper wrapped wire stems. There are artificial yellow stamens on the interior of the roses.

Woven straw mat that has zigzag red thread around its inner diameter and small green X's interspersed with the red pattern. The attached tag says:
"Madeleine Ch., age réel- 11 ans, age mental- 6ans _, Quotient- 0,54."

Paperweight with a picture of the Madonna and child visible through the front. Above the two figures it says:
"N. D. de Bon Secours" [Our Lady of Mercy]

Miniature bellows
Wooden bellows with leather trip and flexible side portions, attached with small metal nails to brown wood paddles. There is a leather wrist strap.
On top it says:
"Ranimons la Flamme" [Let us relight the flame]

Linen basket with white lining and a linen handle topped with silk ribbon.

Decorative box
Satin covered cardboard box with a pink base and white cover. There are French and American flags on top of the cover. The interior is lined with white satin and a long white satin cord serves as the tie closure. The box contains one folded handkerchief with an embroidered butterfly in one corner. There is a card stapled to the handkerchief that says:
"Soeurs de la Charité de Saint Louis ORPHELINAT de VANNES.(Morbihan), A nos bienfaieurs. REMERCIEMENTS SINCÈRES."
(box interior detail)

Decorative box
Box of varnished wood that is covered on sides and top with thick mirrored glass panels with a glass knob on the center of the lid. There is a card inside that says:
"Union Nationale des Chabres Syndicales et Miroitiers et de Négociants en verre a vitres, 3, Rue La Boétie, Paris-8e, Tél: ANJ, 60-02"

Pen and inkwell holder
Pen and inkwell holder with a wooden base.

7144-163 [dup1]
Porcelain cup with a scalloped top and white handle.

Pots 7144-116, 117
Clay pot with light blue glaze and a brown band around the middle.

Clay pot with beige glaze with a brown band.

Hot pad
Woven straw hot pad with red thread decoration. Attached card reads:
"Marie-Louise C, age réel: 11 ans _, age mental: 7 ans, quotient 0.63" [Marie-Louise C., actual age 11 _, mental age 7, quotient .63]
On reverse:
"Insitut Médical, 7, Rue Arsène Leloup, Nantes"

Clay pot with brown rim. On the bottom of the base it says:
"Fayence de France."

Miniature decorative shoes
Pair of porcelain women's shoes that have reproductions of works by the painter Miller on top. One one shoe is "The Gleaners," showing peasants gleaning grain and on the other shoe is "The Angelus," which shows a peasant pair in prayer in the fields. The number "23" is stamped in ink on the bottom of the heels and "Vichy" is written in pencil on the sole of one shoe.

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