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Framed oval portrait of a young woman in a Breton peasant costume. There is a sheet of paper pasted on paper backing that says:
"Don de Mademoiselle Marguerite Pauvert, Artiste Peintre, Lauréat des Beaux-Arts (Paris) de l'Institut, de l'Etat Français. Villa "La Palette", Saint-Pierre Quiberon (Morbihan), "Serait honorée de voir sa petite oeuvre choisie pour un musée ou une collection"
[Gift of Mademoiselle Marguerite Pauvert, artist-painter, graduate of Beaux-Arts college (Paris) of the art institute of France. Villa (home) "La Palette", Saint-Pierre, Quiberon (dept. of Morbihan). I would be honored to see my little piece chosen for a museum or a collection.]
On a separate tag it says:
"Miniature sur Ivoire, 'Au pays d'Armor', Pensée sur l'Amérique"[Miniature painting on ivory, 'In the Armor district', Thoughts of America]

Copper alloy bell made from a conical artillery shell nose cap. The front section is a 8mm Mauser cartridge, including a bullet, in the center position representing a non-moving clapper. On a small square of paper it says:
"Clochette confectionnee sur le front par un poilu de la Grande Guerre 1914-18 avec fusee d'obus 77 Allemand, balle de Moser, et bouton pris sur un prisonnier allemand.
Bivert Vaaille
43 rue Auguste Golissard
Bondy (Loire)"

7144-187-1, 2
Wooden plaques with figures of a boy and girl that are signed by the artist Loty. There is a card from the donor pasted onto the back of one plaque that says:
"Happy Christmas, M. et Mme Georges LAVOCAT, Terrazzo, Alsace, Sélestat"

Framed picture with painted paper flowers that are layered and also painted on glass.

Plaster bust of composer Gabriel Fauré. Written in pencil on the bottom of the base is: "Gabriel FAURÉ muscien compositeur français (1845-1924). Offert par son petit cousin Fauré, Jean, Pamiers"
[Gabriel FAURÉ musician, composer. Given by his little cousin Jean, Pamiers]
On the rear of the base it says: "F. Fauré, Fremier"

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