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Ruby Fox and Myrtle Hetrick

#8297 Ruby Fox
Escaping from custody
Nebraska State Penitentiary

#8298 Myrtle Hetrick
Escaping from custody
Nebraska State Penitentiary

Ruby Fox and Myrtle Hetrick met while incarcerated at the State Reformatory for Women in York, Nebraska. Ruby was serving time for breaking and entering and Myrtle for vagrancy. Unhappy with their treatment, Ruby and Myrtle engineered an escape. With the aid of an unnamed man, the two girls fled Nebraska in an automobile. Authorities in Casper, Wyoming, captured the fugitives.

Upon their return to Nebraska, Ruby and Myrtle requested to go to the Nebraska State Prison rather than return to the woman's reformatory in York. They received their wish and were sentenced to 1 year at the Nebraska State Prison for their escape.

Ruby Fox  Ruby Fox

 Myrtle Hetrick  Myrtle Hetrick



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