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Specialist Jenny (Beck) Bos 


Our unit became really close-I met some of my best friends.

Specialist Jenny (Beck) Bos

Specialist Jenny Beck of Columbus was a truck driver for the 1075th Transportation Company during its deployment to Kuwait. She was deployed with her future husband, Tim Bos. Jenny helped fulfill the 1075th's mission to transport material from Kuwait to Iraq, and back. The single greatest lesson she learned from her deployment was that "our hard times now are nothing like they were then. Also, not to prejudge anyone in life, many will surprise you and become your best friends."
Source: All objects were loaned by Jenny (Beck) Bos

Jenny Beck's jacket and hot weather BDU cap


Tim and I had a going away party at my Mom and Dad's house. While there, one of my aunts purchased these shirts and had my family sign and add a little note. When I was having a bad day or missing my family, I would pull these out and read what they said. Every time that I would do this, it would bring tears to my eyes, and even today when I look at them or talk about them I feel like crying because I know how much my family loves us and missed Tim and me at this time.

I received these from my cousin Ryan, who decided that Tim and I needed to have a snowball fight with our friends during Christmas time. He mailed an entire package full of snowball fighting stuff, like the snowballs, gloves, Chapstick, a Santa hat, and a few other things. I also received a few softballs and baseballs from my Aunt Lynette's kids, who sent Tim and me a glove and balls to play with.

This sign was great. It was on Highway 81 on the outskirts of town, so when we were going to our Welcome Home ceremony in Columbus we all noticed it.

We had a large coming home ceremony in Columbus. The auditorium was packed with supporters. I was astonished by how many people showed up and very excited to be home and see my family along with Tim's. Some of my loved ones were so happy they had tears. I received flowers from them.

Iraq is a dirty, stinky country. It surprised me that the land itself was a lot like Nebraska-sandhills, rolling plains, and flat lands. I couldn't believe that there were people-including children-wandering, begging for food and water.

During our deployment, I wrote letters back and forth to the Duncan [Nebraska] Elementary School students. They sent this to us.

On March 20, 2005, a convoy under the command of the 1075th Transportation Company was ambushed by a group of 40 to 50 Iraqi insurgents near a suburb of southeastern Baghdad on a supply route called Bismark. In a nearly 45-minute battle, members of several National Guard units, including 14 Nebraskans, fought the larger and better armed insurgent force to a standstill and ultimately defeated them. Bos was driving an armored vehicle in the convoy and was behind a truck driven by two other 1075th soldiers, Private First Class Ricky DeLancey and Sergeant Terry Ricketts. Ricketts was shot through the knee and trapped under a large piece of metal after a mortar hit the vehicle. DeLancey received two non-life threatening wounds to the head.

 (text of video) (download Quicktime to view?)

This video shows Beck in action during the battle. She had already helped load DeLancey into her truck, which also contained an injured, non-military truck driver, and her co-driver. She went back to get Ricketts, helped pull him from his entrapment, and out of the line of fire. She did not have room for Ricketts, but radioed his location to the other soldiers. She then drove her truck and the injured passengers out of the combat zone.

In February 2006, Jenny (Beck) Bos received the Bronze Star with Valor device for her heroism.



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