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Major Jim Oliver

Major Jim Oliver of Gretna was deployed to Iraq and stationed at the Al-Asad Air Base from September 2005 until September 2006 with the 67th Area Support Group. He was the Host Nation Support officer. Oliver was instrumental in the 67th's role setting up an election poll workers camp for approximately 650 Iraqis, and assisting the IECI (Independent Election Commission Iraq) officials who stayed at the camp during the country's 2005 elections. Oliver also worked with Iraqi and third-country contractors on the base.
Source: All objects were loaned by Jim Oliver

Propaganda piece found in Iraq. The writing roughly translates as "Get together, be a union, reject terrorism as Samara citizens did. The tribe and the people in Samara with support of Iraqi army and security police got together to get rid of terrorism in their town."

Instructional poster used during the Iraq elections of 2005.

Major Oliver found this drawing at an Iraqi election site. The writing roughly translates as "One country, a promised future, elected strongest one."

Major Jim Oliver sitting with Iraqi poll workers

An Iraqi man displaying his blue finger, indicating he voted in the election.
Iraqi poll workers being transported in a U.S. Army truck
Processing Iraqi poll workers. The workers were welcomed, rules were explained, and they were given white bags containing items such as sleeping bags, sweatshirts, and toothbrushes.


Major Oliver in front of the area set up for Iraqi poll workers for the elections held in October and December 2005.


Pieces of traditional Iraqi men's clothing given as a gift to Major Oliver by an Iraqi who lived in the Al Anbar province along the Euphrates River.




Letters from Byron Diamond regarding the 67th's activities:

Update from Al Asad, 16 Oct 05
Update from Al Asad, 3 Mar 06
Update from Al Asad, 23 July 06



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