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 Listed in 2007

Box Butte County

Alliance Commercial Historic District [BX01] Listed 2007/3/21

The Alliance Commercial Historic District is historically significant as a prominent commercial center that played a vital role in the settlement of the community and the surrounding area. The district retains the character and the sense of time and place that characterized Alliance from the late 1800s into the mid-1900s.

Cherry County

Dry Valley Church and Cemetery [CE00-007] Listed 2007/07/03

Constructed in 1911 the Dry Valley Church is located in rural Cherry County. Built by and for the ranching families surrounding the church site it not only gave the people a place to worship, but also a place to gather and socialize. The church is significant for the important role it played in the settlement of the area and as the social hub of the surrounding ranching community.

Custer County

Brenizer Library [CU12-006] Listed 2007/07/03

Constructed in 1917 the Brenizer Library is located in Merna. The building is important for its association with the promotion of education in Merna and the surrounding area. The Brenizer Library is also architecturally significant. Built in the Prairie Style with Classical Revival elements it retains a high degree of historic integrity.

Benjamin and Mary Kellenbarger House [CU12-011] Listed 2007/07/03

Located in Merna the B.W. Kellenbarger House was constructed in 1906. This Queen Anne style house is generally a rectangular shaped, one-and-one-half-story frame structure with a cross-gabled roof. The one-story wrap-around porch has Tuscan columns and a spindled rail. The Kellenbarger House is significant as a fine example of the Queen Anne style of architecture in Nebraska.

Dawes County

Chadron Commercial Historic District [DW03] Listed 2007/3/27

The Chadron Commercial Historic District is historically significant as a prominent commercial center that played a vital role in the settlement of the community and its expansive neighboring region. The district retains the character and sense of time and place that characterized Chadron from the late nineteenth into the twentieth century.

Douglas County

Broomfield Rowhouse [DO09:222-002] Listed 2007/3/21

Constructed in 1913 the Broomfield Rowhouse is located in Omaha. It is architecturally significant as the work of a master, Clarence Wigington. An African-American architect, Wigington learned his skills from the prominent architect T. R. Kimball. After refining his skills under Kimball's tutelage, Wigington went on to develop his own unique style and techniques during a career that lasted from 1902 to 1963.

Carl Penke Farm [DO09:1494-001] Listed 2007/3/21

Located in rural Douglas County the Carl Penke Farm is significant for its association with agriculture. Penke purchased the property in 1909 and farmed it until his death in 1936. The collection of farm related resources is a good representation of early twentieth century agriculture in Nebraska.

Swartz Printing Company Building [DO09:121-078] Listed 2007/07/03

Constructed in 1910 this two-story brick masonry building is located in Omaha. The Swartz Printing Company building is an excellent example of an early 20th century commercial/industrial building. The structure is located, with other area buildings, in a unique economic district near the railroad lines in downtown Omaha.

Howard County

St. Peder's Dansk Evangelical Lutheran Kirke [HW09-001] Listed 2007/3/21

Constructed in 1919 the church is located in Nysted. The church represents the Danish heritage of Howard County and Nysted in particular. Attendance at St. Peder's Dansk Kirke helped perpetuate the community's Danish heritage. The church's high degree of historical integrity also adds to it architectural significance.

Platte County

Lincoln Highway-Gardiner Station [PT00-279] Listed 2007/07/03

The Lincoln Highway at Gardiner Station in Platte County was used as a postal road that accommodated Rural Free Delivery mail service. It was incorporated into the route of the Lincoln Highway in 1913, one of three sections of road in Platte County that followed the Union Pacific right-of-way. This section of road retains excellent integrity and can still be driven.

Lincoln Highway-Duncan West [PT00-280] Listed 2007/07/03

The Lincoln Highway was to be a paved, toll free, cross-country highway. The Lincoln Highway Association and national and community supporters propelled the highway into national significance as the nation's first transcontinental automobile route. As the highway progressed from a road first mapped by the Lincoln Highway Association to a well traveled, cross-country highway, improvements were made. The Lincoln Highway at Duncan West, in Platte County, is an exemplary section of road that exhibits the development of the highway from the original route of the Lincoln Highway, mapped in 1913 to the period when routes began to be relocated to eliminate railroad grade crossings and bypass communities.

Sarpy County

Patterson Site [25SY31] Listed 2007/3/22

Located in Sarpy County this archeological site is significant for its potential to yield information pertaining to the Central Plains tradition (ca. A.D. 1000 to ca. A.D. 1400) in Nebraska. Anticipated research values involve artifactual, ecofactual, and architectural data significant with respect to property types associated with long-term settlement including individual lodges and multiple lodge clusters. The site also has significance with respect to properties associated with specialized, temporary, or seasonal activities with the apparent presence of lithic workshop activities and the likely occurrence of nearby lithic procurement areas.


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