Oral History Interview with John Smith, Ace School Oral History Project

Interviewed on September 13, 2006, Interviewed at 1257 Jake Street, Omaha, Nebraska

Interviewed by Marge Jones


Time Count in Minutes                Description of Interview Content

(Tape or Disc One, Side One)

0:0             Beginning of the Interview

5:00           Description of narrator's background and ties to Ace School.

10:00         Memories of being the oldest child in family, first to be sent to school at Ace School.

15:00         First day of school at Ace School, special first-day observances that were a school tradition; narrator's memories of these beginning with his first year.

20:00          Subjects taught; memories of learning to read with the "Dick and Jane" readers. Learning math and Social Studies and learning about Nebraska history in the 6th grade. Remembering how he especially liked learning about the wagon trains and Chimney Rock and how his teacher once had to remind him to pay attention to his lessons because he was imagining what it would be like on a wagon train. How the teacher was impatient at first and then had laughed when he heard about his daydream.