Oral History Interview with Jane Doe, Ace School Oral History Project

Interviewed on September 13, 2006 Interviewed at 1245 Jake Street Omaha, Nebraska

Interviewed by Mary Smith

JD = Jane Doe       MS = Mary Smith

Time Log

Tape (Disc) One, Side One

0:01 MS: I am sitting here today, August 12, 2005, with Jane Doe at her
home at 1245 Jake Street in Omaha, Nebraska, to interview her about her
memories of attending the Ace School here in Omaha. This interview is
being done for the Ace School Oral History Project to help document the
history of this school, which was closed in the year 2003 due to
consolidation. The interviewer is Mary Smith.
I would like to begin by asking you about your ties to the Ace School. I
understand you grew up in the neighborhood.
0:30 JD: Yes, I did. My parents bought a house just a block from the school
the year before I was born and my brothers and sisters and I grew up in
that house. It was a three-bedroom home and there were six of us kids,
three boys and three girls, so three to a bedroom. Different from today, but
we didn't think anything about it.
The neighborhood was full of kids and all of them went to the school
unless they attended the parochial school two blocks over. My parents
bought the house because they liked the school and wanted to be in that
school district. It had an excellent reputation as a good neighborhood
1:00 MS: Tell me a little bit more about the school's reputation as you
remember it.
JD: My parents told us that we were lucky enough to be attending the
best school in the city. They said that often; it meant a lot to them.

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