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Kepner Funeral Home (Osceola, Neb.)

RG4888.AM:  Kepner Funeral Home (Osceola, Neb.)

Records:  1904-1964
Osceola, Polk County, Neb.:  Funeral home
Size:  1 item


The Kepner Funeral Home in Osceola, Nebraska, was begun in 1900 by William Franklin Kepner (1861-1931). He was joined in the business by his son, William Raymond Kepner (1900-1988). The funeral home was sold in 1964 to W.R. Kepner's partner, Martin Roberts, and continued in business under the name Kepner-Roberts Funeral Home.


This collection consists of one volume [photocopy only] of funeral records. The records are in chronological order under each letter of the alphabet, with name, death date and age of the deceased. In the earlier records, the amount paid is also included. The initial "V" is believed to stand for "vault" and "CV" for copper vault. Another copy of this volume is kept at the Kepner-Roberts Funeral Home, with record entries continuing to 1995.



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Kepner Funeral Home (Osceola, Neb.)
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