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Occidental Hotel (Sutton, Neb.)

RG3664.AM:  Occidental Hotel (Sutton, Neb.)

Records:  1889-1892
Sutton, Clay County, Neb.:  Hotel
Size:  2 volumes


The Occidental Hotel was built in 1878 by R.G. Brown and opened by W.J. Abbott. After six months J.T. Mollyneaux began operating the hotel, and in 1880 he purchased the building. On June 11, 1889, Mollyneaux traded the hotel to Marcus Wittenberg in exchange for the Oakland House, also located in Sutton. In September 1889, Wittenberg sold the Occidental Hotel to J.R. Schopes.


This collection of records of the Occidental Hotel, Sutton, Nebraska, consists of two hotel registers dating from 1889-1892. These registers cover the period from October 18, 1889, when the hotel opened under the management of J.R. Schopes and Co., to August 6, 1892.

These volumes were brought in from the Clay County Courthouse, Clay Center, Nebraska. They were used as evidence in a series of cases in 1897 and 1898 which reached the Nebraska Supreme Court. (See Mollyneaux v. Wittenberg, 39 Neb 547, and Wittenberg v. Mollyneaux, 55 Neb 429.)


  1. 1899, Oct. 18 - 1890, Nov. 12
  2. 1890, Dec. 12 - 1892, Aug. 6



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