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Pawnee Springs Ranch Company (Omaha, Neb.)

RG3778.AM:  Pawnee Springs Ranch Company (Omaha, Neb.)

Minute book:  1918-1926
Omaha, Douglas County, and Lincoln County, Neb.:  Livestock and real estate business
Size:  1 volume


The Pawnee Springs Ranch Company was organized February 23, 1918, in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska. Its Articles of Incorporation stated that the Pawnee Springs Ranch Company could "buy, sell, feed, breed, raise, and generally deal in livestock and operate and maintain livestock ranches in Nebraska and elsewhere." The purchase, acquisition, renting, improving, and selling of real estate were other aspects of the company's business. The Pawnee Springs Ranch Company's main holding was the old Keith Neville Ranch in Lincoln County, Nebraska, which it purchased in 1918. By 1926, however, the Company was heavily in debt, and its interests and properties were sold to the Platte Valley Land and Investment Company on July 1, 1926.


This collection consists of one volume, a minute book dating from 1918-1926. This volume relates to the organization and business dealings of the Pawnee Springs Ranch Company of Omaha, Nebraska. It describes annual and special meetings held by the Pawnee Springs Ranch Company. Entries show officers, stockholders, committees appointed, business handled, legal agreements, and policies debated. Included is information regarding the leasing and use of land owned by the company.


  1. Minutes book, 1918-1926



Livestock trade
Livestock -- Nebraska
Pawnee Springs Ranch Company (Omaha, Neb.)
Real estate business -- Nebraska -- Lincoln County


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