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Webster County Bank (Red Cloud, Neb.)

RG4017.AM:  Webster County Bank (Red Cloud, Neb.)

Records:  1918-1920
Red Cloud, Webster County, Neb.:  Bank
Size:  2 boxes


Red Cloud, Nebraska's first bank was the Smith Brothers Bank, organized in 1879. As a branch of the 1st National Bank of Beatrice, it was engaged in a general banking and collection business.

The Webster County Bank was established in Red Cloud in the fall of 1881. It also carried on a general loan and collection business. The 1882-1883 Gazetteer shows D.P. Albright as president and R.V. Shirey as cashier. In March of 1909 the Webster County Bank was reincorporated with a capital stock of $25,000. B.F. Mizer and S.R. Florence were its chief officers. Mizer served as president until around 1918, when Edward Florence became president. S.R. Florence was cashier during the time period covered by this collection.


This collection consists of two boxes of remittance sheets dating from 1918-1920. These materials relate to business conducted by the Webster County Bank of Red Cloud, Nebraska. The remittance sheets show information sent to other banking institutions, enclosing records of bills sent for collection and credit. Entries show the date, who the bill or draft was drawn by and on, in whose favor, the last endorser, and the amount.


Box 1
  1. 1918, Aug.
  2. 1918, Sept.
  3. 1918, Oct.
  4. 1918, Nov.
  5. 1918, Dec.
  6. 1919, Jan.
  7. 1919, Feb.
  8. 1919, Mar.
  9. 1919, Apr.
  10. 1919, May
  11. 1919, June
  12. 1919, July
  13. 1919, Aug.
Box 2
  1. 1919, Sept.
  2. 1919, Oct.
  3. 1919, Nov.
  4. 1919, Dec.
  5. 1920, Jan.



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Webster County Bank (Red Cloud, Neb.)
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