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First Presbyterian Church (Beatrice, Neb.)

RG2654.AM:  First Presbyterian Church (Beatrice, Neb.)

Records:  1872-1961
Beatrice, Gage County, Neb.:  
Size:  9 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


This collection consists of one microfilm reel containing nine volumes chronologically arranged from 1872 to 1961. The church register, 1872-1935, is formed by four of the nine volumes and includes lists of elders, deacons and communicants as well as records of baptisms, marriages and deaths. The session minutes are chronologically arranged from 1872 to 1961 in four volumes.

The collection relates to the various activities of the church from 1872 through 1961. Although no records were kept from the church's organization on March 17, 1869, to the first recorded minutes of May 12, 1872, a note is located in the first pages of volume one compensating for this omission.


Reel 1
  1. 1872-1888, Session minutes
  2. 1872-1888, Church register
  3. 1888-1894, Session minutes
  4. 1888-1903, Church register
  5. 1894-1910, Session minutes
  6. 1903-1928, Church register
  7. 1910-1935, Session minutes
  8. 1928-1935, Church register
  9. 1935-1961, Session minutes



Beatrice (Neb.) -- Churches
First Presbyterian Church (Beatrice, Neb.)
Gage County (Neb.) -- Churches


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