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Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church (Omaha, Neb.)

RG3118.AM:  Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church (Omaha, Neb.)

Records:  1894-1972
Omaha, Douglas County, Neb.:  Presbyterian Church
Size:  3 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


The Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church is located at 2301 North 45th Street in Omaha, Nebraska. Its first pastor was Samuel T. Davis who was installed on May 10, 1894. The first recorded member, Mrs. C.V. Warfield, was received on February 28, 1896.


This collection consists of three volumes of church records on one reel of microfilm, relating to the activities of the Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church of Omaha, Nebraska, dating from 1894-1972. Included are registers of pastors, elders, deacons, trustees, communicants (members), baptisms, marriages, and deaths. Also included are the minutes of meetings of elders, the minutes of congregational meetings, and the minutes of special meetings. These records were loaned for microfilming on November 1, 1972.


Reel 1
  1. Minutes of Elders meetings, 1968-1972
    Minutes of Congregational meetings, 1968-1972
    Minutes of Special meetings, 1968-1972
  2. Roll of Pastors, 1894-1969
    Roll of Elders, 1937-1961
    Roll of Deacons, 1940-1961
    Roll of Trustees, 1940-1961
    Chronological Roll of Communicants, 1896-1962
    Alphabetical Index to roll of communicants, 1896-1962
    Roll of infant church members or baptized children, 1937-1963
    Record of adult baptisms, 1938-1945
    Register of Marriages, 1938-1963
    Register of Deaths, 1938-1963
  3. Roll of Pastors, 1954-1972
    Roll of Elders, 1964-1972
    Roll of Deacons, 1963-1972
    Chronological Roll of Communicants, 1962-1972
    Alphabetical Index to roll of communicants, 1962-1972
    Roll of infant church members or baptized children, 1962-1972
    Record of adult baptisms, 1962-1970
    Register of Marriages, 1961-1972
    Register of Deaths, 1961-1972



Clifton Hill Presbyterian Church (Omaha, Neb.)
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