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Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Davey, Neb.)

RG3239.AM:  Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Davey, Neb.)

Records:  1880-1961
Davey, Lancaster County, Neb.:  Lutheran church
Size:  6 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


Davey, Nebraska, was founded in 1868. Approximately three years later the Bethlehem Lutheran Church was established. The original church building was located one mile east and one-half mile south of Davey. The country church burned in 1945. The congregation relocated and constructed the present building in the town of Davey.


This collection consists of the records of Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Davey, Neb.), and includes the records of Nazareth Lutheran Church (Davey, Neb.), which merged with Bethlehem in 1962. It is arranged in two series: 1) Church register and minutes of Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 1880-1961; and 2) Church register of Nazareth Lutheran Church, 1897-1961.


Series 1 - Bethlehem Lutheran Church, register and minutes, 1880-1961

Reel 1
  1. Register, 1880-1921
  2. Minutes, 1890-1931
  3. Minutes and Register, 1931-1961
  4. Minutes, American Lutheran Church Women, 1907-1944
  5. Minutes, American Lutheran Church Women, 1944-1961

Series 2 - Nazareth Lutheran Church, register, 1897-1961

  1. Register, 1897-1961



Bethlehem Lutheran Church (Davey, Neb.)
Davey (Neb.) -- Churches
Lancaster County (Neb.) -- Churches
Lutheran Church in Nebraska
Nazareth Lutheran Church (Davey, Neb.)


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