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General Conference of the German Congregational Churches of America

RG3024.AM:  General Conference of the German Congregational Churches of America

Minutes, etc.:  1883-1964
Size:  3 volumes, and misc. records on 1 reel of microfilm


In the summer of 1883, German Congregational ministers from Nebraska and other states held a meeting at Crete, Nebraska. The purpose of the meeting was to strengthen communication and cooperation between and among the German churches which were then scattered across six states. It was decided to organize the existing state associations into a general conference. Among the pioneer ministers attending, those from Nebraska were: P. Weidmann of Crete; J. Schneider of Crete; H. Sallenbach of Lincoln; W. Suess of Olive Branch; E. Jose of Sutton; and B. Stimbert of Inland. The General Conference met biennially at various cities in member states until its dissolution in 1964.


This collection consists of one reel of microfilm containing two series of material: 1) Minutes of the General Conference meetings, 1883-1964; and 2) Miscellany. The Minutes relate to the business of the General Conference of the German Congregational Churches of America, from the founding to the dissolution of the organization. The Miscellany consists primarily of the Articles of Incorporation of the Conference in various states.


Series 1 - Minutes, 1883-1964

Reel 1
  1. 1883-1904
  2. 1904-1932
  3. 1932-1964

Series 2 - Miscellany

Reel 1

Articles of Incorporation filed at Yankton, SD, in June, 1955 (note attached correspondence)
By-laws of the Conference filed at Yankton, SD, in June, 1955
Articles of Incorporation filed at Chicago, Illinois, in Sept., 1910
Copy of above
Certificate of above
Certificate of the Incorporation filed at Pierre, SD, Sept., 1950

"The Proposed Seven Year Plan," submitted by Edward Sayler, Chairman of the Committee on the Seven Year Plan for the School of Theology of Yankton College, 1957



Congregational Church in Nebraska
German Congregational Churches of America
German Congregational Church in Nebraska

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