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Zion Lutheran Church (Ithaca, Neb.)

RG3240.AM:  Zion Lutheran Church (Ithaca, Neb.)

Records:  1885-1976
Ithaca, Saunders County, Neb.:  Lutheran church
Size:  1 reel of microfilm


Zion Lutheran Church was established on June 14, 1886. The Rev. J. Deguisne, a young missionary, presided over the organizational meeting which was held in the home of Albert Thoms. The congregation grew and in 1900 a parsonage and church building was completed.

At various times in its history, Zion Lutheran has been affiliated with neighboring congregations. From 1889 to 1893 Zion and St. John's of Malmo operated as a single parish. The two were rejoined in 1931 and were served by one pastor until 1934. In 1959 a new parish was formed with Nazareth Lutheran of Davey, Nebraska. In 1961 Nazareth and Bethlehem Lutheran Churches, both of Davey, merged. The Zion and Bethlehem Congregations continue under one Pastor.

Until July 7, 1918, services were held entirely in German. The English language was used after this date.


This collection consists of the records of Zion Lutheran Church, Ithaca, Nebraska, arranged in eight series: 1) Register of Souls, pp. 1-21; 2) Baptisms, pp. 29-64; 3) Confirmations, pp. 202-226; 4) Communicants, pp. 261-300 and 248-260; 5) Marriages, pp. 302-310; 6) Burials, pp. 334-349; 7) Annals, pp. 381-395 and 8) Miscellany. Series Eight, Miscellany, consists of a typed copy of a property lease agreement entered into by the church in 1898 and a 90th Anniversary booklet.

Much of the record of this congregation is recorded in the German language.


Reel 1
Volume 1

Register of Souls, pp. 1-21
Baptisms, pp. 29-64
Confirmations, pp. 202-226
Communicants, pp. 261-300 and 248-260
Marriages, pp. 302-310
Burials, pp. 334-349
Annals, pp. 381-395



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Zion Lutheran Church (Ithaca, Neb.)


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