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Plymouth Congregational Church (Scottsbluff, Neb.)

RG3119.AM:  Plymouth Congregational Church (Scottsbluff, Neb.)

Scrapbooks:  1926-1970
Scottsbluff, Scotts Bluff County, Neb.:  United Church of Christ
Size:  2 reels of microfilm


This church was formally organized on May 23, 1926, as the Community Congregational Church of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, and the congregation purchased the old Presbyterian Church building which had been erected in 1901 at 1st and 16th Streets. The church was recognized by and received into the Northwestern Association of Congregational Churches in Nebraska on June 14, 1926. The first pastor, the Rev. P.J. Thiel, assumed his duties in November 1926. The congregation built a new church building which was dedicated on November 22, 1959. In 1961 it joined the United Church of Christ, a union of Congregational Churches with the Evangelical and Reformed Church.


This collection of the records of the Plymouth Congregational Church of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, 1926-1970, consists of six scrapbooks arranged on two reels of microfilm. Each scrapbook contains church bulletins, annual reports of the congregation, reports from church organizations, programs, photographs, newspaper clippings, and correspondence.

The collection was loaned for microfilming on September 26, 1972.


Reel 1
  1. Scrapbook, 1926-1951
  2. Scrapbook, 1951-1954
  3. Scrapbook, 1955-1957
  4. Scrapbook, 1958-1960
  5. Scrapbook, 1961-1967
Reel 2
  1. Scrapbook, 1961-1967 (cont.)
  2. Scrapbook, 1968-1970



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Plymouth Congregational Church (Scottsbluff, Neb.)
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