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Federated Church (Sutton, Neb.)

RG4173.AM:  Federated Church (Sutton, Neb.)

Records:  1875-1962
Sutton, Clay County, Neb.:  
Size:  18 volumes on 2 reels of microfilm


The Federated Church of Sutton, Nebraska, was formed in 1949 from the joining of the First Congregational Church and the Methodist Episcopal Church of that town. The first Congregational services had been held in Sutton in July of 1871, and in May of the following year a church was organized. The Sutton Methodist Church was organized in the fall of 1884. The two churches first agreed to terms of federation that went into effect in September of 1919. Under this arrangement, they shared a minister, alternating with men of the two faiths. However, each congregation maintained its own membership, organizations, meetings, and records.

Under new Articles of Federation in 1949, the two groups became one under the name of the Federated Church. This congregation is affiliated with both the United Church of Christ and the United Methodist Church.


These records of the Federated Church (Sutton, Nebraska) consist of 18 volumes on two reels of microfilm, arranged in three series: 1) Records of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 1875-1949; 2) Records of the First Congregational Church, 1892-1949; and 3) Records of Federated Church, 1949-1962.

The records consist of registers of members, baptisms, and marriages, as well as minutes of meetings of the congregations and their board and the records of women's societies. This collection was loaned for microfilming in April of 1984. The NSHS does not hold the original records.

Note:  Additional church programs and publications were received at a later date. These materials appear on Microfilm Strip #27.


Series 1 - Records of the Methodist Episcopal Church (Sutton, Neb.), 1875-1949

Reel 1
  1. Record Book, 1875-1904
  2. Register of Members, 1876-1949
  3. Register, 1904-1926
  4. Minutes of Board Meetings, 1935-1949
  5. Woman's Foreign Missionary Society, Record Book, 1914-1920
  6. Methodist Ladies' Aid Society, Record Book, 1935-1940
  7. Woman's Society of Christian Service, Record Book, 1944-1948
  8. Woman's Society of Christian Service, Record Book, 1948-1949

Series 2 - Records of the First Congregational Church (Sutton, Neb.), 1892-1949

Reel 1
  1. Record Book, 1892-1909
  2. Record Book, 1909-1919
Reel 2
  1. Record Book, 1921-1945
  2. Register of Members, 1890s-1940s
  3. Record Book, 1945-1949
  4. Congregational Ladies' Aid Society, Record Book, 1914-1923
  5. Congregational Ladies' Aid Society, Record Book, 1924-1932
  6. Congregational Ladies' Aid Society, Record Book, 1947-1949

Series 3 - Records of the Federated Church (Sutton, Neb.), 1947-1962

Reel 2
  1. Register of Members, 1947-1954
  2. Record Book, 1954-1962
Microfilm Strip #27
  1. Church programs, 1954, Jan. 5-20
  2. Church programs, 1954, July 4 - 1955, May 22
  3. Church programs, 1955, June 5 - July 17
  4. Church programs, 1955, Aug. 21 - Nov. 24
  5. Church programs, 1955, Dec. 4-24
  6. Midweek Reminder, Vols. 2-8, n.d.



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