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First Congregational Church (Taylor, Neb.)

RG3051.AM:  First Congregational Church (Taylor, Neb.)

Records:  1893-1968
Taylor, Loup County, Neb.:  Congregational church
Size:  1 reel of microfilm


On July 6, 1893, the Constitution and the Articles of Faith for the First Congregational Church of Taylor, Nebraska, were approved by the members of the church. The church building was dedicated December 14, 1893. On March 21, 1948, the congregation broke its alliance with the Congregational Christian Churches and became affiliated with the United Church of Christ. The following September, church services were discontinued due to the resignation of Pastor J. Chris Nyrop. The last board meeting was held January 28, 1952. The church property was donated by the Board of Trustees for the establishment of the Taylor Public Library on April 15, 1968.


This collection consists of one volume of church records arranged in six series: (1) Correspondence, 1948-1958; (2) Reports, 1937-1948; (3) By-laws; (4) Minutes, 1893-1968; (5) Financial reports; (6) Membership rolls.

The volume relates to the activities of the First Congregational Church of Taylor, Nebraska. Included are reports of the Church organization covering the years 1937 to 1948 and the minutes of all meetings from 1893 to 1952. The film is completed with financial reports of the congregation and membership rolls.


Reel 1
Volume 1

  1. Correspondence, 1948-1958
  2. Reports, 1937-1948
  3. By-Laws
  4. Minutes, 1893-1968
  5. Financial Reports
  6. Membership Rolls



Congregational Church in Nebraska
First Congregational Church (Taylor, Neb.)
Loup County (Neb.) -- Churches
Taylor (Neb.) -- Churches
United Church of Christ in Nebraska


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