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Zion Lutheran Church (Imperial, Neb.)

RG4395.AM:  Zion Lutheran Church (Imperial, Neb.)

Records:  1899-1977
Imperial, Chase County, Neb.:  Lutheran church
Size:  6 volumes on 1 reel of microfilm


The Lutheran Church in Imperial, Nebraska, had its recorded beginnings in 1899 when a communion service was held with twelve people attending. In 1903 the first congregational meeting was held and in 1917 the Zion Lutheran Church was incorporated and the first church built and dedicated in 1917-1918. In 1948 the Zion Congregation decided to build a new church and invited the Immanuel Congregation of Champion, Nebraska, whose membership had been dwindling to join the Zion Congregation. They agreed and the act was formalized upon dedication of the new church in 1949. In 1967, the fiftieth anniversary year, the Zion Congregation had 365 members, 234 communicant members, and 108 children enrolled in Sunday School.


This collection consists of six volumes of records of the Zion Lutheran Church of Imperial, Nebraska, arranged in four series on one reel of microfilm: 1) 50th Anniversary booklet, 1917-1967; 2) Immanuel Lutheran Church Records, 1900-1949; 3) Zion Lutheran Church Records, 1899-1977; and 4) Zion Lutheran Church Minutes, 1941-1968.

This collection relates to the history and activities of the Zion Lutheran Church of Imperial, Nebraska, and to the Immanuel Lutheran Church of Champion, Nebraska, which merged with Zion in 1949. The records contain minutes, marriages, births, and deaths, as well as a church history.

Note:  RG4395 is located on the same microfilm reel as RG4397.


Series 1 - 50th Anniversary Booklet, 1917-1967

Reel 1
  1. 1917-1967

Series 2 - Immanuel Lutheran Church Records, 1900-1949

  1. 1900-1949

Series 3 - Zion Lutheran Church Records, 1899-1977

  1. Unaltered Augsburg Confession, 1899-1949
  2. Church Record, 1950-1977

Series 4 - Zion Lutheran Church Minutes, 1941-1968

  1. 1941-1950
  2. 1961-1968



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Zion Lutheran Church (Imperial, Neb.)


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