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Wives of Railway Postal Clerks (W.R.P.C.) Club of Lincoln, Nebraska

RG5559.AM: Wives of Railway Postal Clerks (W.R.P.C.) Club (Lincoln, Neb.)

Records: 1903-1952
Nebraska: Social organization
Size: 0.2 cu. ft., 1 box


The Wives of Railway Postal Clerks (W.R.P.C.) Club of Lincoln, Nebraska was organized in 1894 and federated in 1902. Membership was open to wives of railway postal clerks only. The object of the organization was to stimulate intellectual development and for social amusement of its members.


The collection consists of annual program booklets and a few newspaper clippings. The program booklets list programs and events held throughout the year, as well as officer and committee information, and membership rosters. The program booklets date from 1902-1952. Many of the earlier programs also include the organization's constitution.


Box 1

1. Annual programs, 1903-1931
2. Annual programs, 1931-1952
3. Newspaper clippings

Acc. 2005.0315

TMM/tmm    11-14-2005



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