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Forts (Neb.)

RG1004.AM:  Forts (Neb.)

Papers:  1819-1946; 1974
Nebraska:  Military forts and camps
Size:  1 folder


The collection contains brief historical notes about the following Nebraska forts: Fort McPherson, Fort Kearny, Fort Sidney, Fort Niobrara, Fort Atkinson, Fort Omaha, Camp Sheridan, Fort Robinson, and Fort Hartsuff. The notes indicate when the forts were established and why they were established. They describe what military life was like at the forts, as well as what happened to the forts after they were no longer in use. Also included in the collection is an essay entitled, "The Role of the Military in Nebraska Frontier Society," by Karen Barry.

The NSHS holds various collections relating to individual forts as well.


Misc. historical materials about various forts in Nebraska



Barry, Karen
Camp Sheridan (Neb.) -- History
Fort Atkinson (Neb.) -- History
Fort Hartsuff (Neb.) -- History
Fort Kearny (Neb.) -- History
Fort McPherson (Neb.) -- History
Fort Niobrara (Neb.) -- History
Fort Omaha (Neb.) -- History
Fort Robinson (Neb.) -- History
Fort Sidney (Neb.) -- History
Forts and fortifications -- Nebraska
Military art and science -- Nebraska
Military bases -- Nebraska
Military facilities -- Nebraska
Military life


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