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Long Pine Chautauqua (Long Pine, Neb.)

RG5619.AM:  Long Pine Chautauqua (Long Pine, Neb.)

Record book:  1887-1898
Long Pine, Brown County, Neb.:  
Size:  1 volume


This collection consists of a record book for the Long Pine Chautauqua of Long Pine, Nebraska. Included in the record book are minutes of the General Assembly dating from 1888-1891 (pp. 100-103), minutes of the annual meetings of stockholders dating from 1888-1898 (pp. 200-214), and proceedings of the Executive Board/Committee dating from 1887-1892 (pp. 300-325).

Only a small portion of the record book was used for the Long Pine Chautauqua. The remainder of the volume was used by Dr. H.W. Learn to record dental work performed on various patients. Dr. Learn was one of the first dentists in Brown County, Nebraska, but he later moved to California. The entries by Dr. Learn date from ca. 1909-1915, during which time he was apparently living in San Diego, California.


  1. Record book of the Long Pine Chautauqua (Long Pine, Neb.)



Brown County (Neb.) -- History
Chautauquas -- Nebraska
Dentists -- California
Dentists -- Nebraska
Long Pine (Neb.) -- History
Long Pine Chautauqua (Long Pine, Neb.)


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