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Nebraska Peace Council

RG0718.AM:  Nebraska Peace Council

Miscellany:  1937-1940
Nebraska:  Peace organization
Size:  Fraction; 7 items


The Nebraska Peace Council was organized in the mid-1930s in order to serve as a clearinghouse and a common council board for the peace movement in the state. In this role, it coordinated the peace efforts of a variety of local organizations in Nebraska. Its stated goals were, to build an effective peace machinery; to work towards the reduction of war machinery; and to engage in widespread education in order to help relieve tensions between nations. With the entry of the United States into the war in 1941, the work of the Nebraska Peace Council ended.


This collection consists of a variety of documents relating to the Nebraska Peace Council dating from 1937-1940. Included is a brochure stating the Council's principles, a questionnaire about World War II (prior to American involvement), financial reports (1937-1940), a fund-raising letter (1939), a meeting advertisement flier (1940), a conference program (1940), and a policy statement (1940).


  1. Brochure
  2. Questionnaire
  3. Financial report, 1937-1940
  4. Fund-raising letter, 1939
  5. Meeting advertisement flier, 1940
  6. Program, 1940
  7. Policy statement, 1940



Associations, institutions, etc. -- Nebraska
Pacifists -- Nebraska
Peace societies -- Nebraska


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