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Randolph Elementary School (Lincoln, Neb.)

RG5311.AM:  Randolph Elementary School (Lincoln, Neb.)

Scrapbook:  1935
Lincoln, Lancaster County, Neb.:   Elementary school
Size:  1 volume


This collection consists of a scrapbook created for an anniversary of Randolph Elementary School in 1935. Students from the school wrote letters to famous Nebraskans, and the responses form the bulk of the items in the scrapbook. The scrapbook includes letters from Fred Astaire, Harold Lloyd, George Norris, Bess Streeter Aldrich, Mari Sandoz, Roscoe Pound, Ruth Bryan Owen, George H. Dern, R.L. Cochran, Grace Abbott, Hazel Kinscella, Wilbur Chenoweth, and E. Ruth Pyrtle. Some newspaper clippings are also included.

Note:  The original scrapbook is restricted for preservation. Patrons are asked to use the reference copies provided.


  1. Scrapbook, 1935



Abbott, Grace, 1878-1939
Aldrich, Bess Streeter, 1881-1954
Astaire, Fred
Chenoweth, Wilbur, 1899-
Cochran, Robert Leroy, 1886-1963
Dern, George H., 1872-1936
Kinscella, Hazel Gertrude
Lloyd, Harold, 1893-1971
Norris, George W. (George William), 1861-1944
Owen, Ruth Bryan, 1885-1954
Pound, Roscoe, 1870-1964
Pyrtle, E. Ruth
Sandoz, Mari, 1896-1966


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