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Sod House Construction Instructions

RG2034.AM:  Sod House Construction Instructions

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This collection contains a one-page manuscript titled, "A Step by Step Instruction on How to Build a Sod House." It consists of handwritten instructions on how to build a sod house. It was written by E.G. Effinger of Freeport, Illinois, and it is undated. The manuscript contains advice on site selection, type of sod that should be used, proper plowing, and preferred dimension of the sod. Effinger also discusses how to allow for settling around the doors and windows and the need for strong beams to support the heavy roof.

Note:  The NSHS Library/Archives collections contain numerous materials relating to sod houses. See RG2035.PH for various photographs of sod houses around Nebraska.


"A Step by Step Instruction on How to Build a Sod House" by E.G. Effinger



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Dwellings -- Nebraska
Effinger, E.G.
Sod buildings -- Nebraska


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