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Digitizing the Museum Collections

Model windmill made by carpenter Emil Larson of Polk, Nebraska, about 1930
Museum 9922-1

1928 World Series baseball
with autographs from St. Louis Cardinals team members
Museum 9646-4

Transparency, probably from William Jennings Bryan's 1900 presidential campaign
Museum 11055-2563

image of quilt, 10590
Flower Basket Petit Point Quilt, Grace McCance Snyder, 1942-43, electronic image file created from a 4x5 transparency by R. Bruhn
Museum 7828-8

image of card, 10596
Pass for the Twenty-eighth Annual Exposition, Nebraska State Board of Agriculture, electronic image file created from original object
Museum 9716-13

image of homestead, 10597
Ellsworth L. Ball Homestead, original painting by Sally Cover, digital print created from a 4x5 transparency by R. Bruhn
Museum 810P-1

image of mirror, 10329
Advertising mirror, Wrought Iron Bridge Co., Canton, Ohio, 2 inch diameter, electronic image file created from the original object
Museum 7956-1414

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