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 Finding Aids for State Governors Records

Beginning April 4th, the State Archives of the Nebraska State Historical Society will be moving our government records collections to a new, state-of-the-art, storage facility in Lincoln.

Federal, state, county, and local/municipal records will be affected. The government records consist of over 17,500 square feet of materials including paper records and security microfilm formats that date from circa 1850 to 2015. This relocation is a major effort and will begin April 4th and is scheduled to be completed by June 30. During this period, government records may not be readily available or accessible. Your patience will be appreciated during this exciting time.

State Governors Records Finding Aids may require Acrobat Reader. Do you need Acrobat Reader / PDF help?

Chester Hardy Aldrich,
1911-1912, (60k pdf)

Victor Emmanuel Anderson, 1950-1958 (1.1M pdf)

Samuel W. Black,   1859-1861 (12k pdf)

James E Boyd, 1891-1892 (524k pdf)

Ralph Gilmour Brooks, 1957-1960 (1.2M pdf)

Charles Wayland Bryan, 1923-1925; 1931-1935 (1.3M pdf)

Dwight W. Burney, 1960 (68k pdf)

Francis Burt, 1854 (84k pdf)

David C. Butler, 1866-1872 (84k pdf)

Robert Leroy Cochran, 1934-1940 (1.1M pdf)

Robert Berkev Crosby, 1952-1954 (72k pdf)

Lorenzo Crounse, 1893-1895 (108k pdf)

Thomas Barney Cuming,  1854-1855; 1857-1858 (68k pdf)

James William Dawes, 1882-1886 (64k pdf)

Charles Henry Dietrich, 1901 (840k pdf)

J. J. Exon, 1971-1978 (628k pdf)

Frank Marsh, Lt. Gov. (J. J. Exon), 1970-1974 (168k pdf)

Robert Wilkinson Furnas,   1873-1875 (80k pdf)

Robert Wilkinson Furnas,   1873-1875 (Guide to Microfilm)

Silas Garber,  1874-1878  (808k pdf)

Dwight Palmer Griswold, 1940-1946 (128k pdf)

Dave Heineman, 2005-2015  (93k pdf)

Rick Sheehy, Lavon Heidemann and John Nelson Lt. Gov. (Dave Heineman), 2005-2015 (26k pdf)

Silas Alexander Holcomb, 1895-1899  (44k pdf)

Mark Whitaker Izard, 1855-1857  (64k pdf)

William Hartford James, 1871 -1872  (76k pdf)

Mike Johanns, 1999 - 2005  (8.2M pdf)

Joseph Robert Kerrey, 1983 -1987 (296k pdf)

Samuel Roy McKelvie, 1918 -1923 (68k pdf)

Adam McMullen,  1924 -1929 ( 772k pdf)

John Hopwood Mickey,  1903-1907 ( 60k pdf)

John Henry Morehead, 1913-1915 (56k pdf)

Frank Brenner Morrison, 1961-1966 (190k pdf)

Albinus Nance,   1879-1882 (60k pdf)

E. Benjamin Nelson, 1991-1998 (180k pdf)

Keith Neville, 1917-1918 (60k pdf)

Kay Orr (Avonne Stark), 1986-1990 (260k pdf)

Val Peterson, 1947-1953 (292k pdf)

William A. Poynter, 1899-1900 (940k pdf)

William A. Richardson,  1858 (64k pdf)

Alvin Saunders, 1861-1867 (28k pdf)

Ezra P. Savage, 1901 -1902 (632k pdf)

Ashton C. Shallenberger, 1909-1911 (76k pdf)

George L. Sheldon, 1907-1909 (92k pdf)

John Milton Thayer, 1886-1892 (32k pdf)

Charles Thone,  1979-1983 (160k pdf)

Luedtke, Roland (Lt. Gov.) Gov. Thone, 1979-1983 (57k pdf)

Norbert T. Tiemann, 1967-1970 (162k pdf)

Arthur J. Weaver, 1928-1930 (516k pdf)


For more information on archives holdings or to order a search for a specific record, contact the Library Archives Reference Staff.


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