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Nebraska Trailblazer #3: Oregon Trail
Materials and Vocabulary


Nebraska Trailblazers
Resource Sheets
      1. Coloring page
      2. Excerpts from the diary of John T. Gibson, April 18- September 11, 1859
      3. Page 8 from the diary of H. M. Judson, 1862-63
          Page 9 from the diary of H. M. Judson, 1862-63
      4. Journal page
      5. Nebraska's Oregon Trail Sites - Addresses and phone numbers
      6. Checkup
          Checkup answer sheet
construction paper, glue, scissors
newspaper and adhesive for papier mache
Oregon Trail computer program


bluff - a high hill with a steep and broad front
cholera - an infectious, epidemic, and often fatal disease. It was spread by contaminated food and water due to poor living conditions and unwashed hands.
epidemic - a rapid spread or growth
landmark - a natural or a man-made site recognized by many
pinnacle - a tall, pointed rock formation
prairie schooner - another name for a canvas covered wagon
springs - a natural fountain of fresh water
wagon ruts - marks left in the ground from wagon travel


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