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At Willa Cather's Tables:
The Cather Foundation Cookbook.
$25.00/no discount [paper]

Willa Cather had a gift for seamlessly weaving food into her fiction, helping readers understand her characters more intimately, as these wonderful recipes suggest.

Best of the Farmers Wife Cookbook
The Best of the Farmer's Wife Cookbook
, by Melinda Keefe and Kari Cornell.
$19.99/$17.99 members (cloth)

More than 400 blue-ribbon recipes. From comfort food to slow cooker fare, baking, and more, these recipes are a collection from the Farmer's Wife magazine.

Children at the Hearth: 19th Century Cooking, Manners & Games, by Barbara Swell.
$8.75/$7.88 members (paper)

Recipes include hobo mulligan stew, talking fruit basket, and fudge snow taffy.

The Cowgirl's Cookbook
, by Jill Charlotte Stanford.
$9.95/$8.96 members[paper]

From beverages to chili and pie, this cookbook shares wonderful stories along with the recipes.

Easy as Pie
, by Benjamin Darling.
$12.95/$11.65 members (cloth)

For beginners and experts, with 76 pie recipes from fruit, cream fillings, and tips for pie crusts. "Good enough for company and easy enough for every day!"

Favorite Recipes of Dorothy Lynch & Her Daughter Sally,
by Sally Lynch Santin.
$21.95/no discount[cloth]

Nebraska's version of a French-style salad dressing, its versatility makes a great marinade, stir-fry, or many other creative uses. The cookbook is filled with the influence of Dorothy Lynch.

First American Cookie Lady
The 1st American Cookie Lady
: Recipes from a 1917 Cookie Diary, by Barbara Swell.
$17.95/$16.16 members (paper)

Between 1917 and 1920, 208 recipes were recorded in a diary and presented for sharing. From shortbread to rum raisin- peek-a-boo cookies, the recipes are sure to please.

I Scream For Ice Cream.

$12.95/$11.65 members (cloth)

Tasty tips and recipes for making your favorite old fashioned treats.

Inspired Recipes from Nebraska.

$29.95/no discount [cloth]

The Governor's Residence, completed in 1958, has hosted dignitaries and numerous public activities. This book combines stories of the Governor's Residence with inspiring recipes.

The Joy of Apples: The Crisp, Colorful, Healthy Fruit, by Theresa Millang.
$12.95/$11.65 members (paper)

America's favorite fruit--think pies, turnovers, salads, and jellies, all with apples' many health benefits-- enjoy!

The Joy of Cherries: The Taste-Topping Fruit,
by Theresa Millang.
$12.95/$11.65 members (paper)

Cherries are sweet and tart. Enjoy salsas, sauces, crisps, pies, and many more recipes.

The Joy of Cranberries: The Tangy Red Treat,
by Theresa Millang.
$12.95/$11.65 members (paper)

Enjoy caramel cranberry crunch, cranberry vegetable soup, wild rice cappuccino, and cranberry muffins. The antioxidant factor is high, so indulge.

The Joy of Rhubarb: The Versatile Summer Delight,
by Theresa Millang.
$12.95/$11.65 members (paper)

Rhubarb, the "Pie Plant" of history, far more versatile than just for pies.

The Joy of Strawberries: The Refreshing Taste of Summer
, by Theresa Millang.
$12.95/$11.65 members (paper)

Delicious and mouthwatering--try strawberry salsa, lemon-strawberry bars, salads, and lemonade to whet your appetite, along with tips for growing.

Letís Bake A Cake, Recipes From the Golden Age of Baking
by Benjamin Darling.
$12.95/$11.65 members (cloth)

From Chiffon to Peppermint Bonbon and more. You are sure to enjoy the pleasures of baking.

The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy,
by Barbara Swell.
$8.75/$7.88 members (paper)

Recipes for Rum Bittersweet Chocolate, Hot Fudge Funny Cake, Mom's Lemon Meringue.

Nebraska Pioneer Cookbook
, compiled by Kay Graber.
$14.95/$13.46 members (paper)

Filled with historical insight on the lifestyles of Nebraska pioneers,
this text offers a variety of delicious recipes inspired by Nebraska's rich heritage.


 The Neligh Mills Cook Book, edited by Lynne Ireland.
$6.95/$6.25 members (paper)

Enjoy recipes, trends in baking and cooking, and changes in Neligh Mills products for each decade the mill was active.

Pioneer Recipes, by Bobbie Kalman and Lynda Hale.
$7.95/$7.16 members (paper)

Recipes and cookery prepared by pioneers and adapted for today. Historic Communities Series for ages 6-14.

Salad Suppers
Salad Suppers
, by Theresa Millang.
$14.95/$13.46 members (paper)

Easy and tasty 15-minute main dishes. From Chicken BLT Salad to Hearty Antipasto Salad -- the recipes are sure to please.

Secrets of the Great Old-Timey Cooks: Historic Recipes, Lore & Wisdom, by Barbara Swell.
$8.75/$7.88 members (paper)

Some of the great recipes include: Apple Dumpling Pie, Mock Macaroni, Jam Windmills, along with vintage photos, rhymes, and secrets from contemporary pioneer women.

So Much S'More to Do
, by Becky Rasmussen.
$6.95/$6.25 (paper)

Over fifty tasty ways to make a campfire classic, or use the modern method of a microwave.

Food . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Big Red Pop Corn
Big Red Pop Corn

$3.25/$2.92 members

Microwave popcorn on the cob

Chocolate Meltaways
Baker's Chocolate Meltaways candy
$5.95/ $5.36 members (5 oz. boxes)

A Nebraska chocolate staple with a variety of flavors: dark chocolate, rasp-berry, mint, peanut butter, and more. Melt in your mouth.


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