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News Release
May 27, 2008

SUBJECT:  Nebraska State Historical Society Looks for New Deal Sites

The Nebraska State Historical Society is looking for examples of community buildings, structures, and sites that represent the New Deal in Nebraska. This year marks the 75th anniversary of President Franklin D. Roosevelt's programs developed in response to the Great Depression. "New Deal" initiatives including the Works Progress Administration, Public Works Administration, Civilian Conservation Corps, Civil Works Administration, and National Youth Administration were implemented to put citizens to work. The "alphabet soup" programs, known by their initials, resulted in construction of many places that still contribute to their communities. Parks, auditoriums, schools, recreational facilities, and public buildings in many Nebraska locales still bear the mark of the WPA, PWA, or CCC.

Examples of these community buildings, structures, and sites will be compiled into a guide to the New Deal in Nebraska. If you know New Deal sites in your community or region, please contact:

Jill Dolberg
Nebraska State Historical Society
PO Box 82554
Lincoln 68501
(402) 471-4773

For general information:

Lynne Ireland
Chief Education and Research Officer
Nebraska State Historical Society
1500 R Street
PO Box 82554
Lincoln, NE 68501
402.471.4758 (v)
402.471-3100 (f)

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