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Contents of Volume 85, 2004

 Winter 2004 Vol. 85, No. 4:   $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
A turn-of-the-twentieth-century Nebraska "Field of Dreams," the Wausa baseball diamond's outfield is a seemingly endless prairie stretching to the horizon. This game took place in 1906, but the teams are unidentified. NSHS RG2797: W354-64

 Fall 2004 Vol. 85, No. 3:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
A summer sunset reflected in the meandering Niobrara River. In the late twentieth century the Niobrara became a center of controversy over development and protection issues. In 1991 a seventy-six-mile stretch received federal Scenic River status. For more on the controversy and its resolution see page 116. Jon Farrar, NEBRASKAIand Magazine / Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

 Summer 2004 Vol. 85, No. 2:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
In 1849 Charles B. Darwin set out for the California gold fields, spending the months of May and June traveling from the Missouri River to Fort Laramie. His diary from this portion of his journey, transcribed, edited, and published here for the first time, is a uniquely vivid and detailed account of his travels through "the wild prairie" that would eventually become Nebraska. The cover image depicting riders in rough country was painted by another early traveler, William Henry Tappan, a civilian who accompanied the army as they moved from the old Fort Kearny at present Nebraska City to the new Fort Kearny on the Platte in 1848. The image has been reversed to accommodate placement on the cover. It is reproduced as painted on page 00. Courtesy Ellen F. Tappan

 Spring 2004 Vol. 85, No. 1:  $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody's touring Wild West show, which opened in Omaha in 1883, eventually included elaborate sets and a cast and crew numbering in the hundreds, and drew enthusiastic crowds worldwide for more than twenty years. His first outdoor show, the "Old Glory Blowout" produced in North Platte, Nebraska, on July 4, 1882, is sometimes considered the first formally staged American rodeo. The place and date of this photograph of the Wild West cast are unknown. For more on Cody and one of his rival showmen see "Cody v. Carver: The Battle over the Wild West" on page 2. NSHS RG3004-22


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