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Contents of Volume 88, 2007

  Winter 2007 Vol. 88, No. 4:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

Who Are We? Race and Ethnicity in a 1950s Nebraska Town - Deborah Fink

"Our seventh grade reading teacher did not have to worry about the Paul Bunyan story bothering her Negro students, there being no Blacks in the town of Albion or even Boone County at the time."

John M. "The Reverend Colonel" "Marry-Your-Daughter" "Sand Creek Massacre" Chivington - Lori Cox-Paul

Col. John M. Chivington is well-known-and often reviled-for his role in the bloody 1864 Sand Creek Massacre. Less widely known are the sordid and scandalous details of his personal life.

The Long View: Reading a Photograph

Four historians and a photographer "read" two photographs-a panoramic from Garden County taken in 1917 and a modern-day equivalent.

  Fall, 2007 Vol. 88, No. 3:    $3.50 (members, $3.15)

Nebraska Women Artists, 1880-1950 - Sharon L. Kennedy

Highly talented, quietly indomitable, but still largely overlooked in the history of art in Nebraska, twelve nineteenth and early twentieth century women left an enduring artistic legacy and greatly influenced the arts in this young prairie state.

 Spring, Summer 2007 Vol. 88, Nos. 1 & 2:    SOLD OUT!

Capturing the Lakota Spirit - Ephriam D. Dickson III

In the late nineteenth century the Red Cloud and Spotted Tail Indian Agencies in northwestern Nebraska were distant, remote, and inhabited by exotic people -- exactly what some photographers were looking for.

A Ballad on Nebraska Fuel - R. W. L.

. . .the time-honored cow chips, the homesteader's cow chips, the fume-giving cow chips that drop to the ground. . .

Bad Grammar and Sensation Style - Patricia C. Gaster

A wet Nebraska or a dry one? These days it's a question of weather, but in 1890 it was whether or not to permit the manufacture, sale, and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The Omaha Bumble Bee was emphatically dry.

Tools of Ethnic Edentity - Raymond Screws

The "melting pot" view of American society may hold some truth, but settlements of Czechs and Swedes established in Saunders County, Nebraska, between 1870 and 1910 were surprisingly slow to melt.


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