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Contents of Volume 71, 1990

cover image, spring 1990 Spring 1990 Vol. 71, No. 1:   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
Twelve Nebraska Towns - Albion, Auburn, Crawford, Geneva, Hebron, Minden, Ogallala, O'Neill, Pawnee City, Red Cloud, Schuyler, and Valentine - currently have public buildings with murals dating from the 1930s. Reproduced on the front cover is a detail from Kenneth Evett's The Auction, oil on canvas, Pawnee City, 1942. On the back cover are Philip von Saltza's Wild Horses by Moonlight, oil on canvas, Schuyler, 1940; and G. Glenn Newell's The Crossing, oil on canvas, Crawford, 1940. (Jeffrey Bebee Photos)

His Own Worst Enemy: The Rise and Fall of Grover Cleveland Alexander
By Andrea I. Paul
In the Old Army: Harry K. Hollenbach at Fort Robinson, 1911-1913
Edited by Thomas R. Buecker
Depression Legacy: Nebraska's Post Office Art
By Elizabeth Anderson
The Lincoln Pottery Works: A Historical Perspective
By Peter Bleed and Christopher M. Schoen

summer 1990 Summer 1990 Vol. 71, No. 2:   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
The cover painting, Farmers Union, is by artist Mike Bristol. Bristol, a resident of Cordova, Seward County, Nebraska, was graduated from Exeter High School in 1984. Largely self taught, he began painting full time in the spring of 1985. Most of his works depict rural settings or small town scenes.

Photographing Across the Plains: Charles R. Savage in 1866
By John E. Carter
The Perils of Passing: The McCarys of Omaha
By Willard B. Gatewood, Jr.
Grand Island's Weltblatt: An Experiment in Low German
By Edith Robbins
A Comedy of 'Heirs': The Estate of John O'Conner
By Lori Cox
"So Different from Country Life": The 1888 Omaha Letters of Frisby L. Rasp
Edited by Sherrill R. Daniels

Fall 1990 Fall 1990 Vol. 71, No. 3:   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
The cover lithograph, "C.W.A. Employment Bureau for Unskilled Labor," by Elizabeth Olds, is from Nebraska State Historical Society Collections. It is one of a series of lithographs on C.W.A. programs in Lincoln which the artist prepared for the C.W.A. Miss Olds, a painter, printmaker, and book illustrator, studied at the Minneapolis Art Institute and in New York. In 1926 she won the first Guggenheim Fellowship awarded to a woman to be used for work and study abroad. After four years of painting in France, she spent a brief amount of time in Nebraska before moving back to New York City.

Tiemann, Taxes and the Centennial Legislature of 1967: Beginning Nebraska's Second Century
By Frederick C. Luebke
The Hastings Victory Building: A Personal Commemoration
By David Murphy
From Emergency Relief to Social Security in Nebraska
By Mary Cochran Grimes
Missionaries of Culture: Chautauqua in Nebraska's State Penitentiary, 1889-1894
By James P. Eckman
The Social and Economic Impact of World War II Munitions Manufacture on Grand Island, Nebraska
By Tracy Lynn Wit

Winter 1990 Winter 1990 Vol. 71, No. 4:  $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
In 1903 a monument was dedicated at the mass grave at Wounded Knee where 146 people were buried. The inscription reads in part: "Big Foot was a great Chief of the Sioux Indians. He often said I will stand in peace till my last day comes. He did many good and brave deeds for the white man and the Red Man. Many innocent women and children who knew no wrong died here." (NSHS-W-938-49)
The back cover depicts one of only two Sioux campaign medals produced in solid gold. The medal was presented to General Victor Vifquain, Adjutant General of Nebraska, by Brigadier General Leonard Colby, War Department, Washington, D.C. on January 21, 1892. (NSHS Collections)

Foreigners in Action at Wounded Knee
Edited By Christer Lindberg
Buffalo Bill and Wounded Knee: The Movie
By Andrea I. Paul
The Faraway Artist
Big Foot's Followers at Wounded Knee
By Richard E. Jensen


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