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Contents of Volume 74, 1993

thumbnail image of cover Fall/Winter 1993 Vol. 74, Nos. 3&4:   Out of Stock!  PDFs of articles are here.
On the Cover:
Detail from the proscenium curtain in the National Hall built by ZCBJ lodge Slavin 112 near Ord, Nebraska. It shows the Hradcany or Prague Castle in the capital of the Czech Republic, as seen from the Mala Strana or Lesser Town below. The curtain is one of many in Czech theatres throughout Nebraska that depict symbolic scenes important in Czech history and culture (P. Michael Whye, NSHS C998.1-428)

Special Issue:
The Czech-American Experience
Guest Editor: Bruce M. Garver
Illustrations Editor: David Murphy
By Lawrence J. Sommer
By Bruce M. Garver
Czech-Americans: The Love of Liberty
By Joseph G. Svoboda
Problems in the History of Czech Immigration to America in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
By Josef Opatrny
Slovak Immigration to the United States in Light of American, Czech, and Slovak History
By Gregory C. Ference
German and Czech Immigration to Texas: The Bremen to Galveston Route, 1880-1886
By Lawrence H. Konecny and Clinton Machann
Czech Political Refugees in the United States during the Nineteenth Century
By Zdenek Solle
Czech-American Protestants: A Minority within a Minority
By Bruce M. Garver
Dramatic Expressions: Czech Theatre Curtains in Nebraska
By David Murphy
Evidence of Assimilation in Pavel Albieri's Nevesta za padesat dollaru (Bride For Fifty Dollars)
By Clinton Machann
Relationships between Czechs and Slovaks in the United States during the First World War
By Karel Pichlik
Czech-Americans: An Ethnic Dilemma
By Ivan Dubovicky
Czech Language Maintenance in Nebraska
By Mila Saskova-Pierce
Czech-American Immigration: Some Historiographical Observations
By Frederick C. Luebke

image of cover Summer 1993 Vol. 74, No. 2:   Sold Out!  PDFs of articles are here.
On the Cover:
This Frederick Remington drawing, Captain Dodge's Colored Troops to the Rescue, appeared in Century Magazine in October 1891 (Courtesy of Frederick Remington Art Museum, Ogdensburg, New York)

One Soldier's Service: Caleb Benson in the Ninth and Tenth Cavalry, 1875-1908
By Thomas R. Buecker
Bess Furman, Nebraska's Front Page Girl: Her Formative Years
By Liz Watts
Spending the Indians' Money: A Quantitative Case Study of Oto-Missouri Trust Fund Disbursements, 1855-1881
By Daniel W. Overton
Steamboat Captain David L. Keiser's Recollections of Life on the Missouri
Edited by Carl Hugh Jones

thumbnail image of cover Spring 1993 Vol. 74, No. 1   $3.50 (members $3.15)
On the Cover:
Detail from a replica of a hide painting depicting the 1720 defeat of a Spanish army under Pedro de Villasur near the present site of Columbus, Nebraska. The army, sent from Santa Fe to investigate French activity on the Plains, was attacked by Pawnee and Oto Indians. The more than seventeen-foot-long painting is the oldest known of a Nebraska scene. The exact reproduction was painted by Nebraska State Historical Society staff artist Curt Peacock. The original painting is now in Santa Fe in the Museum of New Mexico.

Spain on the Plains
By James A. Hanson
A Nebraska Cavalryman in Dixie: The Letters of Martin Stowell
By James E. Potter
Nebraska's World War II Bomber Plant: The Glenn L. Martin-Nebraska Company
By George A. Larson

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