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Contents of Volume 74, 1993

Robert Taylor Winter 1994 Vol. 75, No. 4:   $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
This tinted photograph of Robert Taylor was taken in Beatrice by Ralph Roszell about 1936. (Courtesy of Gage County Historical Society)

Robert Taylor of Beatrice: The Nebraska Roots of a Hollywood Star
By E. A. Kral
The Civilian Conservation Corps in Nebraska: Memoirs of Company 762
By Charles E. Humberger
The Pawnee Mission, 1834-1846
By Richard E. Jensen

Canal Construction Fall 1994 Vol. 75, No. 3:   $3.50 (members, $3.15)
On the Cover:
South Side Irrigation and Land Company Canal flume across the South Platte River, about 1896. This 1,800-foot structure was part of a forty-two-mile-long canal that delivered water from the North Platte River to irrigate 40,000 acres southeast of the city of North Platte. (NSHS-171.6-32)

El Dorado on the Platte: The Development of Agricultural Irrigation and Water Law in Nebraska, 1860-1895
By Sam S. Kepfield
Culture as Entertainment: The Circuit Chautauqua in Nebraska, 1904-1924
By James P. Eckman
Two Railroading Towns React to a Strike: Havelock and Plattsmouth in 1922
By Thomas Magnuson
UNL Student Reaction to the Cambodian Incursion and the Kent State Shootings, May 1970
By Stephen Witte

Lakota Women Summer 1994 Vol. 75, No. 2:    SOLD OUT  PDFs of articles are here.
On the Cover:
Lakota woman and girl, Pine Ridge Reservation, 1891. (NSHS-539-100)

Guest Editor: R. Eli Paul
By R. Eli Paul
Teton Sioux Population History, 1655-1881
By Kingsley M. Bray
Editor's Showcase series
An Early Reference to Crazy Horse
By R. Eli Paul
The Crazy Horse Surrender Ledger: A New Source for Red Cloud Agency History
By Thomas R. Buecker
The Crazy Horse Medal: An Enigma from the Great Sioux War
By Paul L. Hedren
The Medals of Wounded Knee
By Jerry Green
Wounded Knee and the "Collector of Curios"
By R. Eli Paul

Fossils and Artifacts Spring 1994 Vol. 75, No. 1:   SOLD OUT. PDFs of articles are here.
On the Cover:
Fossils and artifacts ranging from a 300-million-old nautiloid to a nineteenth century pistol suggest the secrets stored in "time's cellars," the earth's paleontological and archaeological records. (NebraskaLand Magazine)


Part One: The Ancient Seas
Shark-infested Coral Seas
By Michael R. Voorhies
Sea Monsters and Dinosaurs
By Michael R. Voorhies
Part Two: Jungles and Savannas
Our Oldest Mammals
By Michael R. Voorhies
Camels, Rhinos and Four-tuskers
By Michael R. Voorhies
Part Three: The Ice Age
Zebras and Giant Camels
By Michael R. Voorhies
Mammoths and Muskoxen
By Michael R. Voorhies
Hooves and Horns
By Michael R. Voorhies
Part Four: Ancient Nomads
Big Game Hunters
By John R. Bozell
The Foragers
By Gayle F. Carlson
Part Five: Crops and Villages
The Early Potters
By John Ludwickson and John R. Bozell
Late Precontact Village Farmers
By John R. Bozell
Part Six: Cultures in Contact
Historic Indian Tribes
By John Ludwickson
Europeans and Americans
By Gayle F. Carlson
Interpreting and Preserving the Past
By John R. Bozell and Michael R. Voorhies

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