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"Once a 4-H Family,
Always a 4-H Family"

"You don't fully appreciate 4-H and its benefits until you participate. I know that my children will also encourage their children. Once a 4-H family, always a 4-H family. It's genetic."

-- Pamela L. Wolford--Member, Dawson Co.-- 1969-1979

Part of the appeal of 4-H is the opportunity it provides for intergenerational learning and interaction. A good example is the Muller family of Dixon County, Nebraska, which boasts three generations of 4-H participation.

Muller family
Marvin H. Muller and Helen Oberg Muller were both involved in 4-H in the 1930s and eventually became leaders. Marvin and Helen's three children, Eileen, Gerald, and Carolyn, were involved in Dixon County 4-H from the late 1950s through the early 1970s.

home environment project
Helen Muller won first prize for this home environment project at the Dixon County Fair. The paint, wheels, and pull are all original.

Eileen dress
This prom dress was made by Eileen in 1967 for "Special Occasion Clothes" project.

Gerald Muller with his 4-H livestock.
Gerald Muller with his 4-H livestock.
Gerald Muller and his wife, Kathy, had two children, Heidi and Andrew, who were involved with Dixon County 4-H in the 1980s and 1990s.

"Let's Create Crafts" project made by Andrew Muller in the 1980s.

Walt Moller
Walt Moller, a county extension agent in Wayne County, Nebraska, in the 1930s.

Certificate of Achievement
Walt Moller signed the Certificate of Achievement for Marvin Muller. Walt's daughter, Kathy, married Marvin's son, Gerald.

All Items in this section are courtesy of Eileen Muller Krumbach.


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