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The National 4-H Club Congress first met in 1923. 4-H'ers must submit completed project record books to the 4-H state office to become eligible for selection as a congress delegate.

sewing kit
Coats and Clark Company sponsored the National Clothing Competition in 1963. Georgia Stevens was the 1963 Nebraska State Clothing Champion and won a trip to the National Congress in Chicago that was paid for by the company. She also received this sewing kit and gold thimble at the congress.
Courtesy: Georgia L. Stevens

NE. delegation to 42nd National 4-H Club Congress in 1963. Georgia L. Stevens is seated on the bottom row, third from the left.
Courtesy: Georgia L. Stevens

wool outfits
In addition to winning the 1963 Nebraska State Clothing Championship with this outfit, Georgia Stevens (pictured on the far left) also won the Nebraska "Make-It-Yourself-With-Wool" contest and represented Nebraska in this national competition (sponsored by the National Wool Growers Association).
Courtesy: Georgia L. Stevens

Jan Selk Stehlik Elgin watch
Jan Selk Stehlik attended the 4-H National Congress in Chicago in 1951. While there, she received this Elgin watch.
Courtesy: Jan Stehlik

delegates beanie
All Nebraska delegates to the 1951 National Congress wore beanies on their trip to Chicago. Delegate Jan Selk Stehlik is not sure why.
Courtesy: Jan Stehlik

badges and pins
Nationa Congress items.
NSHS and Val Kuska Collections

The National 4-H Conference has met annually in Washington, D.C., since 1927. 4-H'ers who want to be selected submit a video interview about their 4-H experience to the 4-H state office.

first "Club Camp"
David Ervin Hutchinson, Ruth Davis Hill, Joe King, Alice Fousling, and L. I. Frisbie made up the Nebraska delegation to the first "Club Camp" held in 1927.

Citizenship Washington Focus, originally called Citizenship Short Course, is held annually in Washington, D.C., and teaches older 4-H members about citizenship and government.

Citizenship Short Course
Eileen Muller Krumbach attended the 1968 4-H Citizenship Short Course.
Courtesy: Eileen Krumbach


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