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First Nebraskans, grades 3-4


a. Find the Early Potters display. What objects do you see?

Look at the drawing of the Early Potters' village. What does the drawing and the objects tell you about their community?

b. What food do Nebraskans grow today that Native American people were growing 1,000 years before Nebraska became a state?

Find these objects used by the Prehistoric Farmers and connect them with their use.

 What is it called?

What was it used for? 

 bone handled knife

to wear on your body 

bone awl  

to cut 

bone bracelet  

 to sew

What similar objects do we use today?

c. Find the painting of the attack on the Villasur Expedition, 1720. This attack took place near present-day ____________________, Nebraska. Explorers from _________ are wearing the three-cornered hats. Explorers from _________ are wearing the rounded hats. Why were Villasur and the Spanish on the expedition?

d. Find your favorite object in the Tribal History room. What is it?
Describe it.

How was it used?

What object do we use today that would serve a similar purpose in our culture?

e. Go to the Clothing section. What accessory or article of clothing would you most like to wear?

What is it made of?

On what occasions do you think it was worn?

f. Which objects in the earthlodge would have been made by the Pawnee Indians?

Which objects would have been obtained through trade?

What did the Plains Indians use instead of these trade objects before there was trade?


essay Challenge: Find the hand-written letter with a drawing of a tipi and a log house. Why did this family live in two separate dwellings (homes)?


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