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First Nebraskans, grades K-2


pot a. Find the two cases with large and small pots.

What are the pots made of? How many different designs can you find? What do you use at your house instead of clay pots?

b.Touch the beaver fur. Native Americans traded beaver furs to Europeans. What did the Europeans trade for the furs?
bracelets and hoe
Look in the drawers. How many furs did it take to get a string of beads?

c. Find the objects worn on a person's head. Hair, feathers, and horns from many different animals were used to make these headdresses. How many animals can you find? What different types of things do we wear on our heads?

d. Find the children's toys. What types of games do you think the Native American children played with these toys? How are these toys like your toys?

e. Go to the earthlodge. What do you see that you might find in your house? What do you see that you would not find in your house?

f. What musical instruments do you like to play? Find these two musical instruments. What are the instruments called?
flute and drum

Which instrument is in the painting above?

g. What fun places does your family like to go together? Find the large picture of the family in a wagon. Where are they going?


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