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Nebraska Joins the Union, grades 3-4


a. Find the two sketches of fur traders on the Missouri river. Describe how the keelboats were powered.

Name two fur trade objects that might have been transported on a keelboat.

b. What are these objects called?
shako pitcher

At what Nebraska fort did soldiers use these objects?

What was the purpose of the fort?

c. Find the spurs used by a man delivering mail in eastern Nebraska. Find the envelope carried by a Pony Express rider. Who is the letter addressed to?

In the 1860s, people communicated by letter delivered by the Pony Express, stage coaches, freight wagons, and steamboats. How many different ways do we communicate with each other today?

d. Find the boots made by an African American. Describe the boots.

Look at the photo near the boots. In what Nebraska town are these African Americans working?

e. Find the coin in the Civil War section that says "Army & Navy." What are these coins called?

What were they used for?

At what sutler's store (a store for soldiers) could the twenty-five cent token be used?

f. Go to the area with objects that settlers brought from the East. Find objects used for the following purposes:
making light
marking livestock
getting married

Challenge: Find this object. paper money

How is that object similar in use to this one seen in the First Nebraskans exhibit? beaver pelt money

How is it different?

g. Go around the corner to the sod house. How would living in the sod house be similar to living in your house?

How would living in the sod house be different?


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