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Nebraska Joins the Union, grades K-2


a. Go to the case with the beaver trap. The other objects in this case were traded for beaver furs. What are they?

b. Find these objects. What are they called? With a line, match the objects to the jobs.




 Mail carrier

Soldier at
Fort Atkinson 

Trading post

c. Find these objects.

letter steamboat

What are they? How did they help people communicate or travel?

d. Find the parlor room. Parlors like this were used for entertaining friends and relatives. Find an object used for each of the following activities:

playing music
writing a letter
looking at family photos
telling time

e. Find the old-fashioned money and look at a dollar bill from today. How does the old-fashioned money look like our money today? How does it look different from our money today?

f. Go around the corner to the sod house. The sod house was a one- room house for a family. Find an object used for each of the following activities:

washing hands

g. What is sod?
sod brick


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