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Nebraskans in World War II, grades 3-4


radio a. Sit on the living room couch and listen carefully to the news announcement. What did the announcement say?

How did you feel in this old living room listening to the announcement?

b. Go to the front porch. Service flags like the one in the window informed the community of family members serving in the war. What do the gold stars represent?

What do the blue stars represent?

How do you think people felt when they saw one of these flags in a window?

c. Find the poster with pigs on it. The slogan for this poster is "The _______________________ ___________________ has a big job to do. More _______________ for ____________________."
Who did Nebraska's farmers and ranchers feed with their crops and animals?

Enola Gay
At what Nebraska aircraft assembly plant in Nebraska was the Enola Gay produced?

How did Lovern Blacksher help to construct the Enola Gay?

e. Find the Get in the Scrap display. Look at the photos with kids collecting items for the war effort. What did the kids collect?

How is the scrap effort similar to when we recycle?

How is it different?

armband f. Find the Little Orphan Annie comic strip in the Children's display. What did the Junior Commandos say when asked if they were doing enough already?

What were the Junior Commandos doing in the photo next to the comic strip?

g. Look at the Tools of War case in the Military Service section. Find the tools to accomplish the following jobs:

eat supper
protect your head
repair clothing
dig a hole


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