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Toys for Boys

Throughout Nebraska's history, toys for boys have included vehicles, tools, toy guns, and games of skill.

G. I. Joe Cartridge belt and bayonette cap pistols tin car Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars Rubber tool kit airplane from French thank you train B-29 bomber Spirit of Arizona plane boys toys

From left, homemade wooden Spirit of Arizona plane, about 1935; tin airplane with a homemade wooden propeller, 1925-35; tiny wooden airplane from the 1949 French Merci (Thank You) Train; 1955 B-29 bomber; rubber tool kit made in Occupied Japan after World War II; Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars from the 1960s; 1930s tin wind-up car; 1950s cap pistols; leather belt with cartridge pouch and bayonet, similar to late-nineteenth-century U. S. Army equipment; and G. I. Joe action figure, about 1964.

baseball     player

Doll dressed as a Lincoln, Nebraska, baseball team player, about 1920
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