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1930s Christmas

Toys have been a favorite gift for the holidays throughout Nebraska's history. During the Great Depression of the 1930s, many Nebraska families struggled to provide their children store-bought gifts.

Boycraft metal airplane Shirley Temple dol Wind-up Fire Chief tin car Christmas toys

From left, wind-up Fire Chief tin car with battery-powered headlights, 1930 Boycraft metal airplane, 1931 Lionel Steam Locomotive, 1926 electric stove and baking set, 1930 Baby Dimples doll, and Shirley Temple doll made by Ideal.


Harold and Lettie Gillett purchased this dollhouse at W. T. Grant and Company in Lincoln, Nebraska, for their children's 1934 Christmas. W. T. Grant was a dime store similar to Woolworth's that specialized in inexpensive wares of all kinds.
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